Can I apply for a loan while at ASNEF?

by Jose Donaldson

In Spain there are different ways to pressure a debtor to pay or for other people to be alert about the solvency of a third party. That’s where the lists of defaulters and ASNEF come in, the most used and important in our country.

And being part of a list of defaulters is a difficult situation for anyone, but especially for those seeking quick loans or external financing through financial institutions or banks.

Request a quick loan while in Asnef

Through this article I will explain very clearly how you can know if you are on the ASNEF list of defaulters. In the case that your name appears, how to eliminate it. And the big question: can I access some type of credit or loan appearing in this file?

ASNEF (National Association of Financial Establishments) feeds mainly on the information provided by the companies that make up this Association (banks, savings banks, financial and telecommunications entities or insurance companies). And being included in this list is relatively simple, since it does not return a simple receipt -of any type and amount-, it is reason for you to be included in the file of defaulters.

How can I leave the ASNEF list of defaulters?

There is no fixed rule. However, we must be considered delinquent when we have not complied with the third consecutive payment of the due debts. The easiest way to know if you or your company figured in the list of most important defaulters in Spain is by entering online in the section eRights of Equifax Ibérica, the company responsible for managing the file, and fill out the form.

How can I get out of ASNEF's list of defaulters?

However, there is also the possibility of sending an SMS to the number 27565 with the following text: EFX (space) your ID number / NIF (space) and file number. Or, if you prefer, you can also go to your trusted bank requesting that they provide you with this information.

In the event that the company you have not paid for includes you in the file without having informed you 30 days before (at the latest), you can sue the company in question and request that they remove you from the list showing that the notification is not has done according to the regulations.

There is also the possibility that the debt is wrong, that is, that the amount is incorrect or has been the victim of identity theft. In these cases you must provide documents and proofs that prove it.

If I am in ASNEF … can I get a loan?

It is true that people who are on a list of defaulters find it very difficult to receive a quick loan because of the risk that exists for the lender. But during the last years the number of private capital entities that allow us to obtain quick credits and mini- credits has increased, appearing in ASNEF , with the same conditions and requirements as if you did not have any type of debt.

I can apply for credits while in Asnef

Where can you look for these types of credits? In us you will find a great variety of loans, quick credits and mini-credits adjusted to your needs and particularities, even if you are enrolled in a list of defaulters.

Apply for a loan with ASNEF!