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Urgent cash loans are usually made by private lenders . Fast online loans or bank loans are made through income. Any amount of money is in cash once taken out of the bank branch or the ATM, so finally most urgent loans can end up being cash loans .

Before asking for a loan in cash it is convenient that some details are taken into account.

  1. Safety. To be accompanied by a person who can provide us with security is important. In the case of large amounts of money you could not rule out attempted theft or scams.
  2. If finally, you prefer to request an urgent loan online , go with a person to the bank or ATM. It is recommended to use the official ATM of the bank in which you have the credit card or card, to avoid having to pay more expenses.


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How can I find a lender that I trust?

You have to be very careful when contacting private lenders through ads in the newspaper, advertising or online ads. To conduct a secure business, you need to know data such as what company they belong to or what financial company they own, opinions of other people and do the paperwork under the approval of a true notary .

      • If they ask you to make a payment before the whole process, it is very possible that it is a fraud. It is not always a fraud, but we do not recommend accessing this type of financial services.

A place where you can get cash, are the shops that are dedicated to the purchase and sale of jewelry or high-value metals. There are gold-buying stores, which also have the service of offering cash loans or asking for money by pledging something that has considerable value.

  • More information : cash loans in Spain . A section in which you will see the most recommended businesses to apply for urgent cash credits in Spain. In the event that you do not live in Spain, we recommend that you go to the higher category of “online loans” in which you will find solutions for Latin America.

The above alternatives can be very useful for people who do not want to get into debt and look more for a carefree future. There are users who request financing, without being clear that they can face a certain debt, so that in some cases ends up causing much more negative economic problems, such as losing assets that have endorsed or suffered an embargo, through the procedures that the financial company can perform.

Cash companies in Spain

Currently almost all companies are offering their services digitally and without a personal treatment, but there are still companies that speak to you face to face and can offer effective solutions such as the following:

  • Advances : it has offices in Madrid, Seville, Valencia, Alicante, Albacete, Logroño, Tenerife, Bilbao, Zaragoza and Murcia. In these moments, they are giving loans of 600 €, with free telephone attention. See more: More information about
  • Cash Converters : with the option of recoverable sale, you can put any object or several objects, as a deposit and they will give you an amount of cash, with which you can recover the objects, in case you return that amount. See more : Cash in exchange for objects .

I need an urgent loan in cash.

If what you need is urgent financing , you just have to go to the top and choose among the options with which to benefit. On this website, the solutions we have are made digitally, so they are not sums of cash , however, you can have the cash in your hands, once you have withdrawn the money from the corresponding bank account. The solutions you have at the top, are made for different types of needs and beneficiaries, we also have solutions for users who are delinquent.

The advantages of having a job today, make it possible to request more money. Many users who do not have a job have also obtained the cash they needed without waiting for days. Those who receive amounts from the government due to unemployment, always get higher approved cash credits.

If you want to start some kind of business or invest in anything that is necessary to have cash, we recommend that you report well, because with good information and good means, you can get that amount of money.

What documents will they ask me?

The most necessary and mandatory document in any application for a financial service, is the identity document DNI . That allows the financier to identify the user and increase security levels. At the same time you can check the files of defaulters.

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The documents that are requested when requesting urgent loans in cash in a physical place, are the identity documents. In the event that the amount of money is a considerable sum. The last payroll will also be requested, in the case of an employee, the quarterly / annual statements , in the case of a company and the monthly income, in the case of a non-payroll user who receives a government grant , such as could be a pension, an aid for unemployment … In the case of the financiers who use the car as collateral, they also usually ask for the registration number of the vehicle and information about the vehicle. From this web at present, we do not give urgent loans in cash with car endorsement.

What advantages do private lenders have?

Many of them ignore that the client may have outstanding debts or have not paid another loan requested in the past. The majority of private lenders that offer cash to defaulters, usually ask for an endorsement with which to have greater security and collect the debt. Another advantage that a particular lender can offer is the higher speed at which the money is delivered or the speed at which the request is accepted. Some lenders also offer included expenses, which may involve carrying out the operation.

There is also the advantage of finding lenders in cash loans , internationally, thanks to joint investment platforms. In this case, cash should be withdrawn from the cashier.

  • You are interested : private money lenders . Everything you need to know, before making a loan between individuals or family members, the laws that must be complied with and the advice to be taken into account. Also tips about the types of precautions that should be taken.

Private lenders often invest in specific industries, if you have a business you are interested in, so it is advisable to go to ” Business Angels ” looking to give cash loans to companies in a certain sector and also know their operation. Even some of these lenders, you can also become an investment partner, that brings improvements to a certain business.

The possibility of being able to ask for money in cash or in other forms of payment, is something very useful for people who are in situations of embargo or who do not have a bank account. In the next section, we will talk about more options.

We recommend that to ask for urgent cash loans , it would be best to do so with large companies or companies that have a good reputation. The lender companies that you find on our home page, are trusted.

Sometimes it is better to have financing by bank transfer, since greater possibilities are obtained by having a larger list of companies or networks that are dedicated to financing people who are looking for a very specific financing.

What I do? Do I request it with an individual or do I do it with a company?

You can see what advantages each of the services offers, what interests they have and above all consult the small letters of both. One of the most important points is knowing how much money is finally returned. You should not rule out the possibility of not being able to face it, so you should also inquire about the interest / fees that would have to be paid in the case of delivery after the deadline. Remember to ask for the account number in which the income should be made when returning it, since there are many cases that have lost the account number or have not received it and the debt has increased. With the online financials that you find here, they provide you with the account number, once the application is finished.

If you live in a place with a considerable population, you can also resort to the financiers who provide their services in person, perhaps the personal treatment gives you greater security. If you prefer to ask for it at the time that best suits you and not have to leave the house to receive the money, here you can access financial institutions that handle the entire process online. Although generally, in the financial ones, the normal thing is to realize the transactions by bank account.

If you want to save cash in a bank account, without being afraid of an embargo, you can use bank accounts abroad. Thanks to bank accounts that can be done online or in countries near Spain.

Urgent loans, a solution for entrepreneurs.

Lack of job opportunities and poor conditions in times of crisis, are driving many people want to undertake. They encounter a very big obstacle, that of financing, thanks to the urgent loans , some daring people can start with a business activity. It is always advisable, that before undertaking, you make sure you are pointing at the unemployment list and you are informed about the help that is available to new entrepreneurs.

The disadvantage of not finding work, has increased the entrepreneurial vision and even the economic situation of many entrepreneurs who have been able to stabilize, it is better than in times of real estate bubble.

If you are an entrepreneur who needs cash , we also recommend that you use the search engine of this website and look for alternatives of all kinds, since we have a lot of information available. One way to get liquidity for a new company, is through state aid, it is advisable to get information through the information provided by the municipalities or social security. There are also specialized advisors.

What do I do if I do not have a bank account?

If you need an urgent cash loan, due to the fact that you do not have a bank account, you can opt for the alternative of requesting a loan that is entered in a credit card or making a commitment, in a pawnshop. If you belong to a city with a large number of inhabitants, you may be able to find a list of pawn shops, which give loans in cash , using the search engine we have on our website. You should look for example: “pawns in Barcelona” .

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  • Credit cards allow you to borrow and obtain credit in cash, only from the functions offered by ATMs in general. However, you must understand the interests and costs of your card, to get rid of future debts.

With the pawnshops it is not necessary to have a bank account, it is enough to have an identification document. Likewise, it is advisable to make a bank account, since many banks offer it for free. Another alternative to the most used cash emergency credits is the sale of jewelry kept at home, especially those that have been made with gold or silver. High-end watches are also often demanded by pawn shops.

We recommend you to have a bank account.

We recommend you to make a bank account, many of the banks have bank accounts for free, for their new clients and to be able to receive urgent loans . Especially for young customers. It is not necessary to go to the bank, to get a bank account, from the websites of banks, you can request user accounts. No payroll is necessary and debtors can also have bank accounts, having them available urgently .

By having a bank account, you have more financing solutions within reach.

Urgent cash loans between individuals.

Companies and banks are not the only way to finance any expense, you can also make loans with friends or family, in a legal way and so that everything is in writing. It is recommended to use the advice of a lawyer specialized in the subject and make a document for the tax agency.

  • Enter here : loans between individuals . We talk about the functions that some companies have in order to provide financing between investors and plaintiffs. Above all we talk about urgent loans in cash, using p2p technology and the benefits they have, especially in the cases of new entrepreneurs. They also have a registry for investors, in the case of wanting to get a certain return on their savings, thanks to the crowdlending technology in which the users of the platform are the ones who are in charge of financing those who come seeking financing.

You should never rule out the possibility of seeking financing at bank branches, especially if you have a payroll that can guarantee certain income on a monthly basis. If you do not have a payroll, you end up having little chance of getting low interest financing and it is possible that you need the use of urgent cash loans .

Are many paperwork required to request a loan in cash?

The cash credits that are made in quick loans or pawnshops, do not require many paperwork. The only thing that will be necessary will be to carry the DNI. However, in some financial or with some lenders, it may be necessary to have more papers, such as payroll, annual income etc … It is advisable to have a scanner or perform a scan in a place of trust, as they are very sensitive documents.

  • We recommend you : How to request micro credits without paperwork? Related information on the ways to make requests for financial services, without the need to use paperwork. If the alternative of online financing is used and you do not end up applying for a loan in cash, the paperwork will be much smaller and the application much simpler.

When signing an online paper or contract, it is 100% necessary to know all the conditions of the contract. In the case of not understanding any term or part of the contract, you must always ask and always be sure that our economy is suitable to make the refund in all the contract installments.

What reasons allow me to request a credit in cash?

The reasons do not have to be said, as this is part of the privacy of consumers who demand money. Usually, these credits are usually used at the beginning of the month, before collecting the salary or before receiving an extra pay. An example would be to go on summer or Christmas holidays, before having received the extra pay each year.

Alternatives of cash credits.

The main alternative of the financial ones of urgent loans in cash , are the pawnshops that are giving money in cash, in the shape of fast credit or in the form of loan of pawn, in which it leaves like bail some object or jewel, with a certain value in the market.

  • More information : Find pawnshops . Information about the services and locations of the pawnshops, located in the main cities of Spain. This type of companies are the most used in the case of not wanting to use a bank account or in the case of not trusting the lenders or services of large banks.

What if I do it among family members?

If you decide to make a cash loan between family members, you have to take into account the steps to follow, if you want to do everything in a legal way and without having negative results for the future. It is noted that when making a loan the details are notified in the tax agency, since if for example a certain interest is used, that benefit would have to be declared as such. Or in the case of a scam between relatives, have the possibility to claim the debt. It is recommended that all significant transfers, between family and friends, be notified in the tax office. Do not do a business of this type, if you are not totally sure of making the return, it is not worth breaking family ties or friendships, because of the debts. However, it is one of the best ways to get a cash loan without interest .

I do not have a hard cash. What do I do?

Since many of the users who visit us, are in a very desperate situation and have “not a hard” to do anything, then some ideas on “things to do if I do not have money in cash” that may help.

  1. Work on Amazon or Similar: As you know, lately there is a new type of employment, for large technology platforms, which is the job in which the user has greater freedom in schedules and there is no “boss” who has to pay attention Only meet certain services. Currently, there are courier companies where you can work like this and an example is the following: Work at Amazon Flex as a messenger or carrier.
  2. Travel by bus and look for work in another country: in the main cities of Spain, there are cheap buses that offer you to go to other countries in Europe, where there is a lot of work. As for example buses to France, Germany or Holland. Many people go to France for example, to look for work in the field.
  3. Search for things of value at home: we have spoken thousands of times about this on this website, but we never get tired. Many times we have things of value that we can pawn and get cash amounts with them or also sell on websites like Wallapop . Clothing is one of the things that best be sold, however, television or computer, can give much more quantitative amounts.
  4. See more ideas : The rarest ways in the world to earn money .
  5. It is very important that you avoid sending money to people who say they are going to get a loan, even if they are companies that work legally. Many times, they finally do not get anything from what was promised in the previous way and the only thing that is paid is a simple study, as an advisory service.


Nowadays converting an online credit, into a cash loan, only takes a few minutes. We can also conclude that thanks to the diversity of financial and financing methods, almost everyone, however bad their conditions may be, can achieve it, if it persists. We may not be in the best time to ask for amounts in thousands of euros, but to ask for a small amount, there are hundreds of solutions.

Warning : private lenders that offer quick cash loans can use contracts that do not match the requested amount, it is necessary to be informed about all the papers that are signed. So sometimes, it may also be more advisable to require a salary advance, request a cash loan to relatives or keep looking for other alternatives to get liquidity. The advice of a specialist is always highly recommended, especially if they are amounts that may be considerable or have a great importance for the proper functioning of a company or a service as a self-employed worker.