Credits on guarantees

by Jose Donaldson

The credits on guarantees can be classified within the loans with guarantee in different types.

In Creditosrapidoseuros as we also offer these credits with endorsement, we will classify them among those that we can sign.

Our company, as you can see, accepts different types of guarantees.

Many more at least if we compare them with the views in other financial entities.

Credits on guarantees How can we classify them?

When classifying these quick loans we have to understand that for each type of guarantee there will be a specific loan.

They may all be loans between individuals but each one will be carried in a very different way.

  • Mortgage loans : This is the usual type of guarantee in private finance companies.

They are used mainly to obtain acceptable amounts being also the flexible loans of the market.

In comparison with any other credit we may have, these private equity mortgages have the best conditions.

Apart from the fact that they are cheaper loans, we must add that they can sign with different deadlines.

What is not possible in many of the other particular credits that we can see in Spain if it is in the signature of these private mortgages.

Credits on guarantees

  • Credits on vehicles : It is the second most used guarantee in the signing and processing of loans.

They are used to get fast money and to get out of the business.

They are signed in the short term because cost does not interest signing them in the medium or long term.

Even so, and if the client so wishes, he may be paying this loan for the term he wishes.

While facing the loan fee, the financial loan will allow you to renew the financing.

  • Credits on art : This is already a much less usual guarantee.

Although it is also seen as a guarantee by the financial company, it is not usually accepted in the financial sector.

Among the many loans on art we can name a few recommended credits.

The reason why there are no financial institutions that offer these credits has to do mainly because they are not specialized in it.

Normally financial companies only accept as guarantees those guarantees they know.

As these quick loans are not a frequent financing it is logical that this happens

  • Credits on taxi licenses : It is a financing that we can also see in private capital.

For example, we accept several types of licenses as a guarantee, being the usual those of a taxi.

Credits on taxi are one of the financing options that we offer in secured loans .

Furthermore, at the level of conditions, they are usually similar to those seen in mortgages with property guarantees.

Of course, the amounts that are usually obtained are much lower.

The maximum amount does not usually exceed € 25,000, with a maximum term of about 5 years.

The taxi loans as you can understand are only used by taxi drivers.

  • Bicycle credits : Companies that offer this financing usually limit it only locally.

That is to say, the branch or financial institution that you go to has to have an office in your same location since the guarantee will always remain in deposit.

  • Credits on mobile : Here it happens exactly the same as in the previous point.

We can also talk about another series of guarantees used in the financial sector although here we would talk about other types of companies.

For example, all those companies or pawn shops accept guarantees of all kinds.

Of course gold is the usual guarantee in these establishments but many others can also be accepted.