Interest-free loans through online loans

by Jose Donaldson

Why are there people who seek loans without interest in the market?

We understand that there are people who may want to sign credits without interest for obvious reasons (cost) which is more difficult to understand how they can exist.

An interest-free loan is a loan in which the financial institution does not obtain any kind of economic return.

Consequently the question we ask ourselves is,

Interest-free loans Why sign this financing?

If the company dedicated to signing fast loans does not get any benefit for signing the loan, why does it do it?

Next in Creditosrapidoseuros as a company that manages quick loans of all kinds we will give you our opinion about this.

As you can see this has a lot to do with what we wrote a few days ago talking about free online loans .

What we all have to understand is that interest-free credit is a marketing tool.

That is, it is a financial tactic used with the aim of attracting customers.

Normally it is used with new clients and with the idea of ​​trying to retain them.

Interest-free loans as a marketing tool

Nor are many financial companies offering the possibility of offering these quick loans without interest .

They are in fact the customary ones to sign the microloans or micro loans that in the end usually offer this option.

Being online loans to be repaid in a short space of time, the financiers can sign off the financing without interest .

Because what is certain is that no financial institution will sign a loan, let’s say, for 24 months without applying interest.

On the contrary 30 days (being that the usual term in the miniprestamos) some can do it.

And they do not do it without reason, as I say they do it with the idea that clients from that moment always go to them and not to other financial ones.

In the micro loans in the first application we can find loans without interest

Microcredits being one of the online credits, not to say the one that generates the most profitability for financial companies, it is logical that they use these tactics.

Just as in the financial sector it can not be said that normal competition does not happen in the case of microcredits.

This type of loan to be of interest to many of the online financial that we see in the market is normal to make promotions of this type.

It is in this way that we have to look at interest-free loans, such as sporadic promotions that financial companies make to customers.

However being also something that not everyone knows these promotions only have access to the new customers of each entity.

If you have previously processed a loan with the financial company, it is certain that you will not be able to benefit from these bonuses.

Neither is that from our point of view we see as a very good thing loans without interest as it is a punctual benefit at a given time.

Likewise, the loan will have to be returned, and although it is possible, the financial does not apply interest if instead it applies another series of expenses.

For example, commissions are usual that always apply in any of the credits we see.

With the loans without interest, therefore, what we get is a savings on a specific loan, nothing more.