Online credits and when they are denied

As many times they ask us when they tend to deny online credits here we will show it.

Yes, in Creditosrapidoseuros although we are going to show you some of the usual reasons you have to understand that the situation of each client is different.

One person can be denied while another person can not.

It will also depend on the financial where you do the processing because each can work differently.

Even with everything, if we can say that there are some situations for which fast online credits tend to be denied.

We are talking about those online loans that both the firm and the study take over the internet.

Online credits Why online finance can deny them?

There are a number of more common reasons than others being what we are going to see.

  • The client is included in some delinquency record such as asnef:

It is one of the compelling reasons why online loans are often denied.

And although it is true that there are financiers who can sign up with asnef loans online it is not at all usual.

Almost all online financial institutions are programmed so that when they detect the customer’s password, the transaction is rejected.

They do it this way because having so few requirements online credits have had to find one that can “serve.”

If you look in fact except for the issue of the asnef microcredit and other small loans are always approved.

It is therefore of all the variables that most causes the denial of the credits.


Fortunately, not all online financial institutions reject their customers for asnef.

There are a few financial companies that, depending on how you have it, allow you or not to process it.

If the debt that appears in asnef is for telephony type things (non-financial debts) in principle they do not put problems.

On the contrary, if the loan is due to an unpaid loan, we will continue to have the problem from the beginning.

  • The client does not have online banking:

Have you noticed how practically all online credits require their customers to have online banking?

They demand it because it is in this way that the financiers get to see the banking movements of their clients.

If the person does not have an online banking account, they will find that they can not even begin processing this loan.

Neither is it a serious problem because the only thing that customers have to do here is open an account at their bank.

  • Whoever asks for the money has other online loans signed in other financial institutions:

It is something that does not like and although some may not understand it we will explain it to you.

Online financiers do not like that a client who has signed other online credits asks for money because they think that with their credit they will cancel the one from the other entities.

Something that we can see in the signature of microcredits with certain frequency.

It is common for people to request new microloans to pay for the micro loans of other financiers.

Do not like it because this can cause a ball of indebtedness to the client that can end up in default.

And of course, it will be the last financier who has signed the loan who in the end will suffer the consequences.

  • As a fourth reason we wanted to point out the lack of demonstrable income although it is the least important among the three.

At least if you sign small loans where the normal thing is that no justification of income is requested.

These are the main reasons why online credits can be rejected by online financiers.