If you are looking for people who lend money, to ask for a quick loan or to start a business , in this section we will tell you different ways to get financing through other people.

People who lend money

Before talking about the people who lend money, it is necessary to classify them in two parts, people who lend money for any expenses (usually private) and people who lend money for business.

People who lend money to individuals.

They are called private lenders or private lenders, to contact one of them, it is only necessary to look at classified ads websites, newspaper ads or even the information provided by teletext.

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One of the most innovative ways to get loans from individuals is through a new type of quick loans, called “P2P Loans” , loans that are made through web portals, similar to social networks but dealing with loans. This type of services are the concern of many banks and in some countries 50% of users prefer this type of services.

Before asking for a loan with an individual, you must be aware of the full meaning of the contract and take all precautions to avoid being cheated.

People who lend money to businesses.

Before we talked about P2P loans, one of the most frequent causes for which P2P loans are made, is to start a business or pay the expenses of a company. To finance a business you can also use the “Business Angels” a modern way to call capitalist partners who are dedicated to finance business ideas or companies that may seem profitable.

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These types of platforms are also a good opportunity to invest money in people who need loans. Currently, these platforms offer higher returns to some types of investment funds or shares of certain companies. You may also find interesting, the idea of ​​becoming an investor or have it in mind in the future.

Ask for a salary advance.

It can also be one of the best alternatives to ask for money from financial or ask people for money . Many people do not ask for salary advances and request loans, due to lack of information. We have written an article about it : How to ask for a salary advance? In this link you will find the laws that exist for a worker to have that right and know the right department to know where to apply for it. You will have all the necessary data, to be able to money to the company in which you work and above of legal form.

* The biggest advantage : Salary advances have no interest

Having no interest, you do not have to be worried about how much the advance will increase, nor do you have to be aware of when to return it, since it will be deducted from the next payroll, automatically.

Business Angels and venture capital companies.

Venture capital companies are also specialized in financing all types of businesses. So looking for “venture capital companies” or “Business Angels”, you will see different companies, which finance other business or business ideas.

It is also advisable to request the services of a financial advisor or a consultant specialized in financing and government subsidies, since if you have a business or you want to start a business, you can take advantage of government subsidies.

  • COMPANIES THAT PROVIDE MONEY : See list of companies that lend money . This is simply a list of banks and companies that are giving loans, we have organized the companies according to the search of each user, we have also made an international section in which we have also listed companies in Latin America, apart from the Spanish, which They are the ones that we have added to the list of companies that give money to people.
  • Business Angels are very difficult to find in certain sectors of entrepreneurship. That is why it is better to look for companies dedicated to venture capital, since they offer very similar services. Most times they will work in a way very similar to what lenders do.
  • With this type of people who lend money to start a business , it is necessary to have a business plan and other demonstrations, with which that person feels safe. Especially in the financial aspect of the project you want to start, for example, the time to recover the investment and the benefits that can be obtained thanks to the creation of a new business idea or to improve an existing business. Also demonstrate experience within the industry, with which you want to undertake.

Venture capital companies in Spain.

  • Caixa Capital Risk : La Caixa, apart from being a bank, is also one of the most important companies in the business of financing venture capital for innovative and profitable ideas.
  • Loan Capital Group : located in Barcelona and Madrid. They have private capital financing of up to € 90,000. They finance very special cases, such as taxi drivers.

Do not forget another of the most widely used ways in the world, to borrow money , which is through the help of people who lend money to their closest relatives and friends. If there is not enough confidence, they can be made under legal contracts with the tax agency. With the aim that they are recorded somewhere and can demand the borrowed amount.

Alternatives to people who lend money.

Resorting to private lenders, is not always recommended, from this website we think it is more advisable to apply for loans with companies of a considerable size, such as online financial or bank loans.

With online finance , there is no big problem, when the requirements that are usually requested are not met. From the categories of this web page you can compare different quick credits , this financial product is having great success in recent years.

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  • The alternative of which we speak, is one of the most used in Europe and the United States, especially in the case of wanting to get money in minutes and almost any time of day.

What work to get money, if nobody hired me?

If you need money in a very large emergency case, nobody supports you and you do not have a job, you have the opportunity to go to a tourist area in your country and look for a job.

  1. Working in the hotel trade : to work cleaning dishes or cleaning in general, you do not need to have training, if you go to a place with a lot of tourism, it will not be difficult for you to find a job.
  2. Go ask for money to a place where they do not know you : if you are in a very serious situation and you are ashamed, you can also go to other cities and find the people where more money passes, so you can ask. The church door is a very common place. There are also original ways of asking for money, which come from the imagination of each one, such as mime or playing an instrument.
  3. Learn a trade : in Spain and in most countries, there is government training, with the aim of ending unemployment and creating a better quality job, sometimes accompanied by financial aid (scholarships), which are not charged immediate way
  4. Even if you have a certain profession or certain studies, nothing happens because you work in another professional branch, even if it’s just a time to find an economic cushion and later find money in what you really would like to work or passionate about.

Is it advisable to ask people and family for money?

It is not usually advisable to be asking people for money, be they family or friends. Honestly, no one likes that they like money and most people end up ignoring people who ask for money on a regular basis. Why do not we recommend asking for money? Here are some factors:

  1. Many times they ask for something in return . There are people who lend money, who then ask for things in return, those things may be worse or end up being much worse than you expected, such as illegal activities or very little moral. In the case of wanting to start a business, ask for such high shares that ruin the company.
  2. You owe them a favor . It is not good to owe favors, often we do favors by own will, however, if it is a favor that you do not want to accept, it will be harder to deny. Some favors can end up in very complex or complicated situations.
  3. Bad for social life . If you do not return the money you can lose a friendship of many years or lose the relationship with your family. Besides that later they will speak ill of you behind their backs. It is normal that people end up talking badly of the “hard face” that they are asking for money, without doing anything in return.
  4. Get in trouble . If, for example, you do not return the money to a lender involved in sinister business, you may end up being victim of blackmail with much greater debts or if you owe money to a violent person, be attacked. When asking for money from family members, it is recommended that this money is not going to be used for gambling or addictions, since most of the time, much bigger problems are created.
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Almost nobody is going to want to give you money

Most people will not want to give you money or they will give you excuses, they know that many friendships and relationships end badly because of this. You have to be realistic and look for other sources of money, such as moving to another place in search of work or liquidating all the electronics that we have in our possession, in order to obtain liquidity or get cash in cash to look for work in another city ​​or even in another country. Something that should not be done, permanently. Reasons why people will not want to give you money :

  1. They do not want to put a friendship in danger .
  2. They know that you have a bad economic situation and that it will cost to return the money.
  3. They also do not have money or have expenses, which do not allow them to give money to other people, even if these are their friends.
  4. They do not have enough confidence. Lately, people, every time we are more distrustful and we look more for ourselves.

What aids are there for people without money?

Sometimes you can ask for money from the government and also in other more original ways. Next we are going to give you some ideas.

  1. Learn about aid for people without income . In Spain, in some autonomous communities, such as in Andalusia, they are distributing aid to people without monthly income, amounts ranging from € 400 to € 700. In the Basque country and in some other areas, there are also similar aid. More information : Requirements of the minimum income of social insertion .
  2. Facebook groups and web pages to emigrate : if you are in a situation where you already owe money, in which you need to ask people for money and where nobody gives you anything, it is possible to study the idea of looking for a job in another place . There are very complete web pages on the subject, such as: On this website you can find other Spaniards who share a room, validate titles, find work, learn languages, see which are the best countries …

Precautions with people who lend money.

Currently on the internet, there are people who want to cheat others and profit from lies. One of the most used lies is to offer financing to desperate people, asking for an anticipated amount, for the supposed expenses of loan management. Sometimes, this loan never reaches the person who requests it and the anticipated amount is not returned.

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Some individuals who are lending money do so knowing that some of their clients will not be able to return it, with the objective of increasing the debt in a very considerable way or even of appropriating the goods of a consumer. We recommend that it is better to access large companies that are dedicated to financing, such as financial fast loans. You do not have to trust all the people who lend money , nor the people who ask for an amount in advance, to study the loan and finally they do not. They call this advice and they can do it legally. You have to take great care, especially with the type of personal data that is sent. Make sure that you are sending data to a legal company and that, recommendedly, be based in the place where you are requesting the money.

Get money for a sporting event, music, end-of-course trip …

When it comes to donating money to a certain group, people tend to be more inclined to donate money. Athletes can get money by selling tickets, through local sponsors, through collective meals, organize barbecues, organize parties … While NGOs can get people to lend money in a multitude of ways.

How to use psychology to ask someone for money?

Mistrust is one of the factors that make a person not lend money to another, so it is necessary to follow some of the tips that we are going to talk about.

  1. Inform that you are working or that you are going to start working: when someone gives money to another person, they usually distrust that they do not return it because the person who receives it does not have enough purchasing power.
  2. A trick to ask for money from saving friends : this is recommended to ask for money from saving friends or family members. Savers are fixed up to the last currency that can save or take an interest. For example: if you lend me € 200, I’ll return € 230, within a month. This can make them decide permanently, although it does not always mean that you can get their approval.
  3. Do not show your addictions: do not get to smoke tobacco, consume drugs or spend money foolishly, while you stay with a friend to ask for money. Since it is very frowned upon, ask for money when you spend it on vices or demonstrate having a behavior that makes you not return the money.

People who lend money to start a business.

Crowdfunding platforms are an alternative to people who lend money, when it comes to financing a business idea . It is important to have a business plan, in petitions of this type. The more detailed the better.

The crowdfunding platforms of people who lend money can be accessed by any type of user from any country. With the great advantage that if you have a business idea and need liquidity, that liquidity can be provided by people from any country. Before putting a business idea on such a platform, it is imperative that you develop a planning for the entire project. Above all, a planning in the accounting and financial aspect. This type of platforms are also used for other purposes, such as beneficial objectives, with which to support research into diseases or help in underdeveloped places to improve the quality of life.

Investors are also using other techniques that are very similar to crowdfunding, such as crowdlending, where people lend money to individuals and companies. Unlike the prior art, investors invest in a business, regardless of the future of the business. Since they do it in the form of financing, the only risk they face is that the entrepreneur does not pay back the interest on the loan.


Before applying for money with people who lend money , it is very important to know where that money comes from and never make payments in advance, since some scammers ask for amounts of money in advance and then disappear.

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If you are looking for people who invest in business ideas , we also have articles that are focused only on how to look for an investor. Use the search engine or access the following link: How to find an investment partner? In which we show you the different ways to find an investor for your business or idea.

Since in this website we do not only want to dedicate ourselves to delinquent users who need people who lend them money , we also want to give information and advice to people who want to start a business with which to solve their debts or achieve greater financial success. With all the ideas that we have given you in the previous instructions, you will surely get inspired or perform some of the actions that we have recommended.